Kids World balloons decorations Made from materials like rubber, latex, or nylon fabric, these outstanding symbols of soaring life display joy, color and happiness and spread the message of liveliness.

In order to add glee, delight and merriment to the birthday party bash, make extensive use of star-studded cluster of multihued birthday balloons. Weigh down balloon bouquets with soda cans or canned food wrapped in gift wrap or foil. You can also allow balloons to just float up to the ceiling with long ribbons. If the party is for younger children, send a balloon home with each child.

It's possible to rent or buy helium tanks and fill the balloons yourself, but I've never had good luck with this. It takes forever, the tanks fill fewer balloons than they claim, and the balloons loose their float quickly.

When ordering helium balloons call ahead or order the balloons when you first enter the store and come back and get them after you've finished the rest of your shopping. It takes 15-20 minutes to fill a dozen balloons and this seems like a very long time if you're just standing there watching.
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